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Help Lower Your Cholesterol Without Medication! Here’s How… (Part Three)

happyhealthyHigh cholesterol levels can cause various health problems like atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, peripheral heart disease, strokes and so on. High cholesterol is called hyperlipidemia.

Cholesterol is such a big problem that everyone wants to find out natural ways to control it. Studies have shown that turmeric indeed may prove to be helpful

3. Anti-platelet benefits

The anti-platelet benefits of Turmeric and Crcumin could benefit patients with atherosclerosis. In another study, rats were given Turmeric and cholesterol. Liver cholesterol levels were higher in rats given cholesterol and less in the group given Turmeric. Curcumin also increased cholesterol levels in feces and increased bile acids in both hyper-cholesteraemic and normal rats. This explained the reason for reduction in levels of tissue cholesterol. Curcumin was able to maintain liver and body weights and the imbalance between β-lipoprotein and α-lipoprotein was almost offset by Curcumin intake.

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