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Help Lower Your Cholesterol Without Medication! Here’s How…(Part Two)

happyhealthyHigh cholesterol levels can cause various health problems like atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, peripheral heart disease, strokes and so on. High cholesterol is called hyperlipidemia.

Cholesterol is such a big problem that everyone wants to find out natural ways to control it. Studies have shown that turmeric indeed may prove to be helpful 

2. Turmeric and LDL

The main reason why Turmeric offers cholesterol benefits is because it can positively affects triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels. Oxidized LDL cholesterol causes heart diseases and atherosclerosis. The various studies have found that when animal subjects were given Curcumin, their LDL cholesterol levels were reduced compared to the control group.

Curcumin communicates to liver cell genes to increase production of messenger proteins, which then increase production of LDL-receptors in the liver. With more LDL-receptors available, liver cells are able to clear out greater quantities of LDL cholesterol from our body.

Animal testing has found that turmeric extracts  may prevent LDL cholesterol from building up in blood vessels and prevents platelets from joining. This means that blood clots do not form on arterial walls. However, high levels of Curcumin maybe needed for significant results.

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Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10559523

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